Dance Ministry

"Let them praise His name with dancing…" Psalm 149:3

Pre-Service Review

10:00 am-Please join us to review the dances used in Shabbat service


1:00 pm-Come to learn a new dance - all abilities welcome

Monthly Fellowship

1:00 pm-Open dance on the last Shabbat of the month
For more information, download monthly calendar below
Beginner: A dance level that has entry level dance steps: mayims, tcherkessias, balances, turns, yemenites, miserlus, etc and is normally no more than three dance sequences. The beginner dancer can often follow the dance leader visually and can begin to read dance notations.
Intermediate: A dance level that assumes basic knowledge of dance sequences with some direction changes. The dance may be up to 3 parts with at least one sequence facing out of the circle. The intermediate dancer is becoming proficient at reading dance notations and can visually follow the dance leader. They also need to put to memory dance sequences where they are not able to visually follow the dance leader.
Advanced: A dance level that requires dance steps knowledge from at least the intermediate level and able to learn more than 3 part dance sequences. The advanced dancer needs to be able to read dance notations and to commit dance sequences to memory. The skill to follow auditory rather than verbal cues is needed given a variety of direction changes and sequences facing out of the circle.
Please see Carol Olsen if you have any questions or go to the contact link in the menu above.

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